Why do we need friendship?

There are times when we feel lost and alone. We may find ourselves in difficult circumstances and need all the support we can get. We always have our families to rely on.

However, our friends can also be our family. Friends, in the form of family, are ones we can choose for ourselves. These friends will always be there to give us their helping hand when we need to get back on our feet after failing or falling. Friends help us recover from difficult circumstances and help us grow. These meaningful relationships are good for our mental and improve our life quality. It also helps with our physical because it helps lower the stress levels of our bodies. We can share our vulnerabilities with our friends without fearing being judged.

Our lives are more enjoyable when we are with our friends. We can vent our problems to our friends, and it helps us lighten the burdens on our shoulders. People with whom we can share our troubles and life changes help us see the world more clearly. Being around someone with an outside view of things is always helpful. Journeying through life is difficult, but anything is possible when we have unconditional love and support from our friends.

Where would we be without them? Without having them give us their sincere advice? Who would help give us find solutions to our problems? Friends provide us with love that accepts us with all our flaws and mistakes. What a thing of beauty!

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