Why do we need love in our lives?

Love is a universal emotion that connects us with other people. Love appears in many forms, be it your mother’s tender embrace or a father playing catch with you in an attempt to spend time with you. It may be found in friendship and our lovers’ gentle kisses. Love is the key emotion that helps our society function and has been this way since the beginning of time. It is human nature to seek out love because it makes them feel safe and whole. The love that we find around us helps ground us and takes away all the negativity from our lives.

Love is the baseline emotion that breeds acceptance, kindness, and forgiveness. When we are in love, we feel more inspired and motivated to live up to our true abilities. Love is the driving force that helps us feel stronger and encourages us to strive for better things. We reach for our goals and strive for success to share them with our loved ones. It is motivating because we know that if we fail, we can fall back on the people who unconditionally love and support us.

Romantic love is also an imperative aspect of human life. It is very liberating to be in love. Having a partner whom we can share our lives with motivates us to reach out for our goals so that we can be celebrated. Love is synonymous with joy, and it is an emotion that is unmatched by any other.

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